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Redirect end user web requests to an internal captive portal web application, for seamless authentication and authorization process.
With the WanderBox, admins can specify bandwidth rates, quotas, and web access levels for different tiers of end users.
The WanderBox automatically bills end users according to one-time administrator programmed rates, for different tiers of access.
The unique policy-based user management engine built into the WanderBox gives administrators complete control over end user network access and usage.
Take control of end user's web experiences, allowing for optimal monetization methods like interstitial content, injection or forced page redirection, to highlight special services.
A complete routing solution in terms of reliability, robustness, feature sets, and WAN to LAN throughput speed.

Your gateway to building a profitable revenue generating network

What makes the WanderBox unique


The WanderBox provides an active system with constant end-user profiling and monitoring for granular control and optimum recognition of up-selling opportunities.

The WanderBox mimics administrator decision making; to accurately adapt to end-user browsing patterns in real time.

The WanderBox provides end-users with complete network isolation; enforcing true peer-to-peer security.


The WanderBox Features

The feature-rich WanderBox™ is the turn-key solution for a cost effective and profit generating network.

Manage bandwidth rates and quotas for end user groups to create monetization opportunities from any captive end user population.

The WanderBox trumps the competition with its unique ability to shape and manage traffic on a granular level. With the WanderBox, administrators have the ability to establish bandwidth enforcement over a widely diverse combinations of metrics, enhancing opportunities to sell and manage premium end user access subscriptions. The WandberBox automatically enforces administrator programmed rules to provide:

  • Real-time restriction of bandwidth utilization on a per-user basis to administrator specified rate limits. Automated enforcement of programmed rate limits for end users based on a broad spectrum of criteria including, but not limited to, payments applied at the captive portal, RADIUS vendor specific attributes and pre-defined lists of MAC addresses.
  • Bandwidth management enables administrator to up-sell end users premium service packages such as VoIP enablement, VPN, or packages allowing access to video streaming sites (You Tube, Netflix, etc.)
  • Usage quotas governing end user data consumption based on administrator specified time scale, allowing fine control of bandwidth over a variety of plan lives (e.g., 3 GB per month), while allowing higher instantaneous speeds with automatic prompting to purchase additional quota via captive portal.
  • Hard packet prioritization that guarantees administrator specified end users receive specified bandwidths before others. Enables administrator to sell premium offerings for prioritized access for business customers, end users with servers and other scenarios.

Save money with robust link options, purchasing bandwidth for your network on an "as needed" basis.

The WanderBox helps administrators reduce recurring network overhead costs, as one WanderBox replaces multiple devices, among them standalone network link aggregators and load balancers. The WanderBox’s built-in link aggregator and load balancer, in conjunction with its complex Layer 3 routing capabilities, increases network reliability during peak periods.

These capabilities include:

  • The ability to aggregate several uplinks to achieve the equivalent throughput of a single large link. Leverage multiple cost effective DSL and cable modem uplinks to acquire large volumes of bandwidth at a low monthly recurring cost.
  • Automatically detect uplink status to manage pools of circuits in failover scenarios. Option to designate certain uplinks to serve solely as back-up, supporting shadow leased line, satellite or WAN backup scenarios.
  • Relating uplink pools to preferred groups of end users. Enables administrator to offer premium services with high performance leased lines based on routing policy specific to business and VPN customers (for example), while low cost DSL and cable modem lines could be designated as residential and bulk traffic.
  • Simultaneously utilize a diverse array of uplink carriers. Enables operators to work with as many carriers as desired without cross carrier configuration. Avoid complex, problematic and costly peering arrangements and special routing protocols. All carrier diversity is handled inside the gateway from the customer side of the telco demarc.

Keep your network secure and save money with the formidable in-built threat management system.

The WanderBox has advanced security features normally only found in standalone firewalls. An essential component for running and managing a healthy, public network, the WanderBox’s advanced security features rank with the best firewalls in the market; providing intrusion prevention, web content filtering and behavioral heuristics; eliminating the need to purchase a stand-alone network security device. The WanderBox offers means of securing your network that are unparalleled in a subscriber gateway, such as:

  • State of the art threat detection system to dynamically alter packet filtering for an end user or group, based upon IP address, MAC address, DNS name and/or TCP ports. Full integration with billing engine enables operators to use filtering policy as an enabler of premium service offerings.
  • Behavioral intrusion detection capabilities to quickly identify abusive end users. Also can be used to detect malicious hosts that attack from the WAN.
  • DPI engine that enables signature matching. Compatible with industry standard rule formats that are widely available for detecting viruses, worms, malware, DoS attacks and other common problems.
  • Behavior and signature based intrusion identification are integrated with the policy enforcement engine, enabling the operator to isolate and temporarily or permanently penalize, quarantine or black-hole abusive end users. All systems are also fully integrated with all available end user communication vectors including, but not limited to, captive portal, interstitial redirection and message injection via payload rewriting.



WanderBox Benefits

The WanderBox™ is a complete core network with capabilities only limited by your imagination.


Via the replacement of several device categories like: subscriber gateway, router, advanced security features, link aggregater/load balancer.


Via premium services to different tiered users (including VOIP, VPN enabled plans as well as numerous other functionalities.)


Numerous ways to inject marketing or branding content seamlessly into the end user's web surfing experience.


For in-house promotional endeavors or third party interaction.


Ability to easily aggregate multiple inexpensive circuits into a single powerful and efficient link accompanied by granular preferential weighting and priority system - providing cost effective bandwidth solutions with built-in effective failover redundancy.


Creating opportunities for deep optimization of service plan offerings through thoroughly and meaningfully illuminated end user behavior.



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